Will THC Arousal Oil Spice Up My Sex Life?

By Nadya Nataly

THC arousal oil could spice up your sex life. Designed to enhance pleasure, Queen & Pharaoh’s arousal oil with THC is a super smooth, generous glide pre-lubricant for him and her. Each bottle is filled with 60 ml of the highest level of THC, 970 mg and 573 mg of CBD priced at $59 — for ultimate satisfaction. Think of THC Arousal Oil as the foreplay to stimulate your sex drive.

Turn Up The Pleasure In Your Life

Daring sexual adventures always bring on the best orgasms. While some couples roleplay for foreplay, others prefer a more sensually, intoxicating build up to sex and integrate arousal oils with THC into the bedroom.

Consequently, by adding the arousal oil with THC, the effect is lightly warming and stimulating. The arousal oil, with THC, is known to intensify sexual arousal for him, her and solo sessions. This is different. And while it won’t get you high, pleasure is enhanced and helps make already fantastic sex, even better.

This Isn’t That Kinda High

Every THC Arousal Oil experience is different, but arousal oil with THC+CBD can help improve sex, but also increase blood flow, which increases sensitivity and promotes the body’s natural lubrication, documents show.

Yeah, there’s enticing lingerie, fun debilitating handcuffs and before Covid-19 a slew of sex dungeons to explore any kink. But there’s no need to jump out the window or test something totally out-of-the-box. According to a survey of 1000 people, by Remedy Review, on “the best CBD oil for sexual purposes,” 68 percent of the people said CBD oil improved their sexual experience. Others reported it helped relax or improve their overall mood.

In some instances, for some, the increase of arousal and sexual feelings can take stress out of sex, along with performance anxiety. The best way to explain it …
You will get horny. You will get turned on. You will orgasm harder and longer than ever before.

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Queen & Pharaoh
Arousal Oil
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Massage Oil
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Queen & Pharaoh
(921MG THC + 587MG CBD)
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What is THC Arousal Oil?

As more beauty companies enter the cannabis space, THC and CBD products are hitting California shelves faster than legalization at Capitol Hill. These products range from CBD infused bath bombs, lip glosses and even massage oils. A bulk of intimacy and beauty products are primarily CBD only. And this is where Queen & Pharaoh stands out from the rest with six different CBD and THC intimate products featuring:
Queen & Pharaoh Arousal Oil THC+CBD
Queen & Pharaoh Arousal Oil CBD 
Queen & Pharaoh Massage Oil THC+CBD
Queen & Pharaoh Massage Oil CBD
Queen & Pharaoh Lubricant Oil THC+CBD
Queen & Pharaoh Lubricant Oil CBD

Inspired by the ancient Egyptian Ebers Papyrus, one of the first recorded medical formulas using cannabis, Queen & Pharaoh THC Arousal Oil, does exactly what, it says, arouse. The THC Arousal Oil has pure and organic ingredients with high concentrations of THC and CBD oils — 970 mg of THC and 573 mg of CBD, all sourced from its west coast cannabis farm.

How Do You Apply Arousal Oil?

Queen & Pharaoh THC Arousal Oil comes in a 2 ounce spray bottle, 60 ml. Applying is simple. Instructions suggest applying four to six sprays on hands and massaging on to the penis, vagina and can be applied on sex toys. You can also spray directly onto the penis and vagina. Reapply if desired. Actually, apply as much as you want, where you want to – be it the vagina, penis or anus. 

Just A Rule For Thumb

Those practicing sex with a condom should be reminded that oil isn’t compatible with latex. Before introducing THC and CBD products into your sex life, consult with your primary care physician or gynecologist. It’s also important to discuss cannabis usage with your partner prior to sex.

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Does arousal oil with THC get you high?

No. Q&P THC+CBD Arousal Oil will not get you high. Instead, when you apply four to eight sprays directly to the penis or vagina it starts off light and silky becomes stimulating and intensified by touch. 

What does arousal oil do?

No. Q&P THC+CBD Arousal Oil will not get you high. Instead, when you apply four to eight sprays directly to the penis or vagina it starts off light and silky becomes stimulating and intensified by touch. 


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