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By Candelario “Candy” Plascencia
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The first time I smoked weed, I felt like I was attending my dream concert. I was timid to smoke my first joint, so my good friend played some Cardi B to hype me up. As I was rapping the lyrics to Bodak Yellow, reminding myself I was a bad bitch, I took my first deep inhale in and relieved the exhale out. The rest of the night consisted of three friends and me sharing three more joints. We rocked the car by dancing and listening to Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Arianna Grande among others.


While I’ve been smoking weed for about two months and eating edibles for six, there are still things I wish I knew earlier to make my smoking sessions more enjoyable. From no-brainers to things you may not have thought of, here are some things to consider before heading to cloud nine.

Drink/Bring Plenty of Water

Some experts suggest that you should be drinking your weight divided by half in ounces. For example, I, may or may not, weigh about 200 hundred pounds, so I should try to drink at least 100 ounces in water.

The expression hydrate or diedrate could not be more relevant when you’re smoking. After my first smoking session, I was praying to God a bottle of water would fall out of the sky. After our session, it was time to eat. Chewing a piece of Texas toast from Raising Canes with a dry mouth had me praying to God I would see tomorrow.

Since I’ve gotten into a habit of keeping a bag that has all the necessary supplies. It always has a bottle of water in it, in case I forget to bring my water bottle.

Ditch the Wallet, Bring Cash

Once upon a time not too long ago, I got high and demanded tacos from Jack in the Box. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can devour everything in sight when I have the munchies. While I was with friends, ordering 30 tacos for three may have been one too many. At least, while we finished them, my wallet didn’t appreciate it. 

High me, on the other hand, was in a squeal of delight. However, nowadays, instead of bringing my debit card, I’ll bring $15 – $20 in cash to prevent myself from spending next month’s rent on food.


Ensure the Vibes are Immaculate

I usually smoke with the same three people and the four of us have similar personalities. We like the same music, shows, movies, video games and fast-food restaurants. One time I traveled outside my small group and was faced with bad vibes. 


Was I high? Yes

Was I having a good time? No.

We were listening to music I hated, talking about things I had no interest in and making dumb jokes. 

My mantra — “Find your people and stick with them. Periodt.”

Other Things To Consider

You may need more than $20 for food or you might enjoy hanging out with people outside your small circle of friends. Whatever the case, keep track of what works for you. 
    • Do your eyes feel dry? Get rewetting eye drops but if you wear contacts find drops specifically for contact wearing.
    • Do you have school or work tomorrow? Skip the smoking sesh or limit yourself.
    • Are you in a safe place? If you’re unable to get home, do you trust the people you are with? 
    • Smoking out in public places is cool, but check up on your local and county laws. 
    • Smoking after taking an edible? Don’t bite off more than you can chew. It’s not a marathon nor a sprint. I can think of a few more cliche sayings to emphasize the importance of finding dosing that suits you best. But I encourage you not to overdo it.
    • Have a D.D., designated driver, in some states, being high while driving can get you a DUI, driving under the influence, violation and you could end up locked up.
    • safety-first-car-crash-DUI
  • Best of all — revel in your high.
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