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Playa Body’s Sterling Silver On Cannabis And Massages

By RIch Soil | Updated March 11, 2021

She’s a massage and bodywork practitioner. Originally from Oakland, Sterling Silver’s individualized holistic approach to massage therapy and personal cannabis and CBD experiences, have lead her to providing clients with CBD massage oils as an option. A chronic migraine suffer, Silver said she used CBD and since has used as a pain and sleep aide.  

“I just love the calming effect,” Sterling said.

Dedicated to her work, Silver said as a result of the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, she had to close her business Playa Body. Not missing a step, Silver enrolled into online classes and worked on certifications and trainings to push her business forward. Despite the down time, the working mom said the quiet has given her space to reconnect with herself and spend more quality time with her son. 

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What is your profession?

I am a master body sculptor and certified massage therapist.

What services does your job offer?

We have premier services in Swedish and lymphatic massages. As well as myofascial release body sculpting services including cavitation, radiofrequency, lipo laser, vacuum therapy, wood therapy and SculptICE 454.

How did you become successful in your field?

I became successful [because my work] is my passion. If you love what you do, it shows. I really connect with my clients. Many became friends and family. I don’t just provide my services and move on. I take my time to listen to needs and body goals. I want [my customers] to feel amazing and beautiful.

What stresses or obstacles do you have to deal with in your profession?

The most stressful thing — sometimes I get a body that just is unique to others and it takes reaching out to [colleagues] in my industry to help [devise effective] treatment plans.  I’ve learned over the years that a huge part of business is making strong connections with others in the same field. We can always help each other out. And I must empahasize to everyone, do NOT hit on your massage therapist. Please respect our profession.  



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 “The best weed comes from the Bay Area.”

At what age, or when, did you first start using cannabis and CBD products?

I  started when I was 15, probably around my freshman year of high school.  I didn’t know about CBD until a few years ago. 

How often do you integrate cannabis and or CBD into your routine?

 I [offer] CBD options with my services. So I use it a few times a  week working I also drink CBD water almost everyday.

What positive effects does cannabis/CBD have on you?

 I get chronic migraines. Cannabis and CBD have helped over the years to alleviate pain and sleep. I just love the calming effect.

What is your favorite strain of cannabis and why?

To be honest, [though I’ve used it], I have never actually purchased cannabis and don’t know about different strains. I do know the best weed comes from the Bay Area.

What is your favorite CBD product and why?

When working CBD oil  takes my massages up a notch. But my personal favorite  is CBD water it’s simple and easy.

“Find your passion and run with it. Don’t hold on to an idea. Make it happen.” 

What advice could you give to women that want to follow in your footsteps?

Definitely find your passion and run with it. Don’t hold on to an idea. Make it happen. Build a strong support system and don’t be afraid to lean on others sometimes. The most important [thing to remember is to] work on yourself. Working on clients involves a transfer of energy so you have to really have to make sure your vibe is right.



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How has Covid affected your business and personal life?

I’ve actually loved this time to spend with myself and my son. I did have to shut down business for a while but I used that time to take online classes. I got so many trainings in things I’ve been wanting to do. As much as Covid-19 sucks, it gave me time I needed.  

What has 2020 taught you?

The [number] lesson 2020 taught me was [on embracing] who and what truly matters to me.

In so many words explain what goes through a woman’s mind throughout a day?

 This is a big question.  As a mother, the top [thought] is my son’s happiness, health and safety. I plan meals, [contemplate] what to wear and if I’m gonna get a  workout in. Then there’s naptime. Work.  Friends and family. Me time. Did I say food? There is so much more but those are [certainly] the main thoughts.

What advice can you give a man from a woman’s point of view on romance and life?

Simply put, be a man. Take care of the women in your life. Protect and respect. Be [trustworthy] and loyal. I feel like as complicated as we women are, we want the simple things, too.

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 “I get chronic migraines. Cannabis and CBD have helped over the years to alleviate pain and sleep. I just love the calming effect.”

What are your thoughts on a woman being elected Vice President of the United States?

I think it’s amazing! Women are taking over. We  definitely needed this. I can’t  wait for what this year has to offer.  And I’m sure a woman president is soon to come. 


Apple Slushie Plug

What five songs are in your playlist in the current moment?

This current moment Ty Dolla Sign and Trey Songz are my go to Pandora stations. But five random songs on [rotation] on my playlist includes –

“CPR” by Marco  Mckinnis 
“If  I Have To” by Avery Wilson
“You’re Mines, Still” by Yung Bleu and Drake
“Roll Some Mo” by Lucky Daye
“Trust” by Brent  Faiyaz



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