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Former model and video vixen, Nerissa Reaves, known as Professor Honey or Honey Loaf, switched careers during a time in her life where chaos ensued. In the wake of the madness and losing practically everything after a flood in New Orleans, she noted she knew something had to change. Determined to get herself out of the mud, Reaves transformed herself into a savvy financial diva. Her journey to financial independence is the driving force behind her credit and lending business, Professor Honey’s Credit and Lending.


As a professor of finance, Reaves explained she is able to share aspects of herself people may not see beyond her famous curves. Since rebuilding her finances Reaves continues to receive recognition for her modeling, but also has experience in the restaurant industry, a Japanese linguist, a bed-and-breakfast owner and these days an educator, she told TODAY Style.

What is your profession?

 I own a financial franchise in Atlanta, GA. I am the top personal credit, business credit and lending specialist in America.

What services does your job offer?

We help clients who need financial services in the area of personal credit and business credit. Our company has helped over 50,000 Americans improve their personal credit, purchase their first homes, grow real estate portfolios, gain funding for entrepreneurial ventures and grow and scale small businesses.  

How did you become successful in your field?

Actually, my success story is unique and pioneering. I started off my journey as a model and video vixen. In fact, that’s what most of the world knew me as for many years. One day I lost my house, my business, and my car in a city-wide flood that hit New Orleans. I had a rude awakening when I learned, the hard way, that all of the objectification I was allowing didn’t save me from the traumatic events I faced.

Sure, I had hundreds of thousands of followers and fans but that didn’t translate to dollars or respect. I decided to evolve and modify my brand so that I could teach others how to level up after facing traumatizing life events, like I had. Next, I bought a franchise with Novae Money and together we created a brand called,  “Professor Honey’s Credit and Lending.” Our company helps people all over the nation transform their lives. Our success comes from all of the people we serve.

What stresses or obstacles do you have to deal with in your profession?

Educating people about the power of credit is daunting, sometimes. Most of the people impacted most by societal oppression are also those who typically lack the financial literacy needed to change their lives and the lives of their children or families. As a result, many don’t take advantage of the opportunities that are right before them. This can get very frustrating sometimes-especially because we know we can help them.

At what age, or when, did you first start using cannabis and CBD products?

 My first time using CBD products was about five years ago when I tried a CBD oil that helped me focus and relax. Initially, I didn’t believe in its power, but after I started using it, it was a staple for my daily regimen.

How often do you integrate cannabis and or CBD into your  routine?

I drink CBD Chamomile tea in the mornings and I use a CBD oil tincture in the evenings.  I also love CBD gummies. I eat these sometimes as a sleep aid or to help me chill out when I’m feeling anxious. 

What effects does cannabis/CBD have on you?

 I feel relaxed and excited to start my day after I drink my daily cup of CBD Chamomile tea. I’m like, “Yesssss girl, it’s time to conquer the world!” 


What is your favorite CBD product and why?

I love the CBD Chamomile tea by Green Roads. I also love the CBD Turmeric and Ginger tea by Buddha Teas.

What advice could you give to women that want to follow in your footsteps?

Ladies, I want you to recognize your power. It’s wonderful to have a man who can be a king to your castle. However, I want you to attract a partner who is going to respect your mind and your grind. This means-you can’t rely on a man to fund your entire life and you can’t present as a damsel in distress. Get out there and make it happen for yourself. You can do it! Watch how the quality of men who approach you improves significantly because you’re not presenting as needy. Men love a beautiful woman who is a source of empowerment for herself and others around her. I want us to level up and show men that we are capable of collective feminine power and that we are forces to contend with.

“Ladies, I want you to recognize your POWER. It’s wonderful to have a man who can be a king to your castle. However, I want you to attract a partner who is going to respect your mind and your grind.” 
-Nerissa Reaves
How has Covid affected your business and personal life?

I’ve lost an uncle to Covid19. This makes me leery to go around my grandparents, who are in their late 80s. I miss them, terribly. This sometimes makes me sad because I want to spend as much time as possible with them, as they are getting up in age. 

My business has been booming since Covid hit our nation and I’ll tell you why. With so many people needing financial help during this hard time, we have really been able to take thousands of people under our wing. We’ve help prepare them for entrepreneurship, home ownership and more. On the personal side, I’ve been able to spend more time with some family members and friends. I’ve also created routines for myself that allow me to grow and personally develop. 


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What has 2020 taught you?

To be prepared for the impending recession-possibly even an economic depression. Are you ready? Have you started putting money towards recession proof investments such as land ownership?

In so many words explain what goes through a woman’s mind throughout a day?

I can’t speak for all women, but I know I spend my day thinking about how I can help others and create my own legacy. When my physical body dies, I hope the impact I made lives on for generations to come. More pragmatically on a day-to-day basis, I also  think about fitness, food, taking care of my man, what new dress I may want to buy, what new book I’ll download or what to cook for dinner.



What advice can you give a man from a woman’s point of view on romance and life?

Be a good listener. When we talk, put your phone down, stop scrolling and put your listening ears on. Don’t interrupt us or rush us to our “point.” Just be patient and listen. Women love a man who can show that he cares through his patient listening skills. This will help us connect with you and create a strong relationship. The power of communication, especially healthy communication, is magical. You’ll get way more from us if you just —listen.

What are your thoughts on a woman being elected Vice President of the United States? 

Having a woman VP is right on time. We are in the midst of a national and cultural purge. To rebuild our nation in the light of love that the universal plan has designed for us, this feminine energy is just what we need to elevate to the next level of our national and worldly collective evolution. There is no doubt in my mind that these strong feminine forces will continue to occupy the powerful seats of our nation’s future VPs or even presidents. It’s absolutely inevitable.

What five songs are in your playlist in the current moment?
“You Got It” – Vedo

“The Story of OJ” -Jay Z

“What’s Going On” -Marvin Gaye

“Get Up 10” -Cardi B

“Bigger” -Beyonce 




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