HELLAPAXX is a licensed branded cannabis delivery service servicing California consumers Lic #: C12-0000175-LIC 

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Type: Hyrbid

The strain that brings joy to the masses. Through the classic cross between the two legendary strains Haze and Blueberry, we have created our own unique twist of the classic Blue Dream. Berryessa Blue Dream embodies the traditional characteristics youve grown to love while bringing the most satisfying finish of any Blue Dream variety in existence. Berryessa Blue Dream is the perfect strain for those active days, playing and frolicking with the ones you love. (Haze x Blueberry) x Blueberry Vibe: Play Flavors: Floral Berries, Candy, Sandalwood, Grape, Blueberry

GRAHAM'S BRAND - Berryessa Blue Dream 3.5g