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Cannabis Culture with Kanha Edibles

Meet Jon from Kanha Edibles! Learn about Jon’s favorite ways of using Kanha’s gummies as cannabis becomes his everyday lifestyle. 

Jon worked in luxury retail before jumping into the cannabis industry as a sales rep for Sunderstorm. He became an activist for cannabis after his grandmother’s fight with cancer, who believes Kanha edibles really saved her life. Now, he’s thriving in the cannabis industry- creating great relationships with delivery companies like Hellapaxx & Smoke on the Water to grow Kanha across California. 

As an ex-professional basketball player overseas, Jon is inspired to use cannabis for working out, staying energetic and boost up his day. He takes a sativa gummy in the morning to keep him focused and productive. Then, he takes a CBD 20:1 gummy to push him through his workouts at the gym. (A little secret? Take CBD instead of pre-workout so that you’re not sore after! #kanhasecrets

Jon includes a few tips & tricks to elevate your edibles experience. He describes what makes Kanha special- like the Cannasafe certified exact dosage, or the rapid onset and bioavailibility of their Nano Gummies. Watch the video and learn about Kanha’s products including CBN for sleep, CBD for pain, their Vegan line and dosage recommendations.

Connect with Jon on Instagram: @thereal_jonwilliams_   |    Video by Brea Kellam 

Who does Jon recommend Kanha for? 
“Anyone who needs CBN for sleep, anxiety, depression, stress, or just wants to have a good time.”

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