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Tinctures, Capsules

Why Kind?

Kind Creations is a woman-run company out of Santa Cruz, CA, and was founded in 2009 by Paula Walter. Her mission was to find a way to help people access the healthiest expression of pure plant cannabis medicine. She brought the first recognized CBD focused capsule to the California cannabis market.

No negative impact on the respiratory system, or the waistline, This means our pure plant creations don’t use any cannabis concentrates, distillates, extracts, or isolates. 98% of all other products depend upon CO2 oil, volatile distillation methods, or alcohol extraction. Our capsules and tinctures contain no processed oils. We are M.C.T. free!

Other “full-spectrum” products have been separated, isolated, concentrated and reconstructed with additives to mimic what the plant was like before it was processed.

Kind’s pure plant products honor ancient methods of processing, combining the cannabis plant with a superfood (organic olive or coconut oil) without blasting or separating the plant from its natural state. That’s how we achieve a complete transfer of the entire cannabinoid profile from the plant into our products, which improves efficacy and ease of consumption. The phrase we hear most often from our customers and compassionate users: “I’ve tried everything else. This is the only thing that works! Thank you for the Kindness!” Our manufacturing process leaves the cannabis in a highly bio-available form, creating a many times results in a lower dosing requirement.



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