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8 Must Have CBD AND THC Beauty Products

Are Weed Beauty Products Worth The Hype (And The Price)?

By Alexis Peña | Updated March 19, 2021

It’s a different high, but you’re not going to get high. Wait. We get it. It sounded weird when we read it out loud, too. But c’mon! When encountering these CBD AND THC Beauty Products, at some point one has to wonder if in fact there is a possibility that one’s lips are going to get high from cannabis infused lippies.  Insert cute memes of my lips high on sativa seed oil looking like Lady Gaga — here. 

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True story. I thought it. Don’t front. You thought it, too. But it’s true, you won’t necessarily get high with the cannabis in beauty products. However, there are other benefits to using weed beauty products.

Dabbling Into Weed Beauty Products

And with things closed, opportunities to glam for a night out, well… you know. One time, I did my hair and make up to only sit in the living room to watch the Masked Singer with my boyfriend. 


Bored. I’ve been wanting to try something new to spice up my daily beauty regimens. With all this time and makeup and beauty products on my hands, there was nothing else left to do. As a result, I stumbled into CBD beauty products, but then I saw sativa seed oil in a lip conditioner. I was floored. THC beauty products, too? 

CampNova’s Latest Obsessions: CBD AND THC Beauty Products

As cannabis steps closer to legalization, more beauty companies are releasing their own concoctions of CBD and THC beauty products. They’re popping up everywhere. Even in rural town pharmacies, products featuring primers, sunscreens and lip conditioners infused with cannabis sit on shelves. 

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, the flagship of cannabis, just about any store, even gas stations and liquor stores, feature some novelty CBD lippies or a sativa seed oil cream of a sort. 

The eclectic collection of beauty and intimacy products available does raise an eyebrow for curiosity. Are they worth the price? Our CampNova editors, like me, are beauty product junkies. Understanding that notion, meant only one thing — try the products!


And we’re obsessed with …

1. NYX Bare With Me Cannabis Lip Conditioner

I use a lot of matte liquid lipsticks. Unfortunately, my lips get dry. The NYX, Bare With Me Cannabis Lip Conditioner is extremely hydrating and smooth. As a gloss — it isn’t tacky nor grips stray hairs. 

As a lip topper — it really moisturized my lips and left my lips smelling nice. This was a perfect fit. The best part is the light gloss has a glowy shine without the greasy look. It’s great for everyday wear.

NYX, Bare With Me Cannabis Lip Conditioner 
Price: $9

Contains: Infused with Hemp-derived Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Centella Asiatica Extract, Rosehip Oil, Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil.

Worth The Hype? Yes and no. I’m certain I could find a cheaper lip moisturizer so then no, but the way my lips feel after using this justifies the price. Remember a little dap goes a long way.



Original Glue Smalls
$125 Ounce
$85 Half OZ

2. Kush Queen Complete Mini Collection

It’s been a long day. And for once, there’s “me time” with no interruptions at bay. CBD bath bombs anyone? Yup! Out of everything, I’ve tried, bath bombs were the last thing I would have imagined as weed beauty products. But it’s real! Kush Queen has an impressive collection of bombs tailored to fit anyone’s relaxation needs. Bath bombs made a debut in my tub years ago. So a few nights ago, I poured a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, rolled a jay while the tub filled.  I threw the Sleep For Rest bomb, one of the five bombs from the Kush Queen Complete Mini Collection, in the tub and just chilled. 

… O.M.G! What kinda witchery is this? 

Kush Queen, Complete Mini Collection
Price: $25

Available in —
Awaken For Energy with 10mg CBD
Sleep For Rest with 10mg CBD
Relieve For Pain with 10mg CBD
Relax For Mood with 10mg CBD
Love For Passion with 10mg CBD

Worth The Hype? Yes. R&R approved! 

3. Mary’s Medicinals Muscle Freeze

I was skeptical at first. But after a HITT, high-intensity interval training workout, featuring long intervals of squats, my legs and arms were intensely sore. Stubbornly, I applied, Mary’s Medicinals Muscle Freeze. I was doubtful that it would make a difference. It shut me up. It was soothing and refreshing and it did alleviate the post gym achiness, too. The next day, while on a morning run, I noticed I was running without feeling the aches and pains from the previous workout. 

It is perfect for pinpointing achy joints and tight spots. It doesn’t feel greasy. After I applied it soaked really well onto my skin and left it feeling smooth.This cream also helps cool tight knots and inflammation to help relax.

Mary’s Medicinals Muscle Freeze
Price: $30

Contains: Full spectrum cannabis extract with naturally occurring CBD, massage oil, menthol.

Worth The Hype? Yes. I’ve already replaced the over the counter topical pain relief analgesic in my medicine cabinet with Mary’s Medicinals — everything.

4. Queen & Pharaoh THC+CBD Massage, Arousal and Lubricant Oils

Price: $49

Contains: 719-970 MG of THC and 573-587 MG of CBD combined with vanilla, peppermint or lavender. 

Available in —
Queen & Pharaoh Arousal Oil CBD
Queen & Pharaoh Massage Oil THC+CBD
Queen & Pharaoh Massage Oil CBD
Queen & Pharaoh Lubricant Oil THC+CBD
Queen & Pharaoh Lubricant Oil CBD




Massage Oil
719MG THC + 584MG CBD
$59 | 60ml

Worth the hype? Yes! ::blushes:: I’ve also added the THC+CBD Arousal oil into my solo time, too. 


5. e.l.f. Cosmetics All The Feels Facial Oil

My skin goes through periods of pesky breakouts followed by bouts of dryness and red irritation. And on my busiest days, I don’t have time for an elaborate skin care routine. I want to wash, moisturize and go. 

Upon encountering e.l.f. Cosmetics All The Feels Facial Oil, I didn’t see a reason to add it to my skincare routine. It felt like an extra step, but I did it anyway. 

The result — after a windy day down the shore, my face was feeling a bit raw. With a shrug, after showering, I applied All The Feels Oil, on my t-zone. The oil was  lightweight and non-greasy. Watching a movie that evening, I caught myself running my fingers down my checks and my skin was soft and smooth. After a few days of consistent application, I noticed the dry and irritated skin was actually glowing.


e.l.f. Cosmetics: All The Feels Facial Oil 
Price: $12

Contains: Hemp Seed Oil, Squalane, Rosehip Seed Oil and infused with hemp-derived cannabis sativa seed oil.

Worth the hype? Yes, if you’re looking for something lightweight and non-greasy, to give you just a tad more moisture to your skin, this is definitely for you.

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6. Pacifica Highest Def Hemp Fiber Brow Set

Brow maintenance is one of my least favorite things to do. I’ve experimented with YouTube video tutorials to get it down. But er … my attempts to do thin, feathery strokes for the most natural look, aren’t always a hit. Then I found Pacifica Highest Def Hemp Fiber Brow Set. 

The brow gel, infused with natural hemp fibers, added volume and fullness to my brows. It also gave my eyebrows an attractive shape. The best part, I noticed when using this product, it made my brows stay intact without feeling tacky on my face. 


Pacifica Highest Def Hemp Fiber Brow Set 
Price: $13

Available in three shades: Clear, Light and Medium
Contains: Hemp seed oil and Hemp fibers


Apple Slushie Plug

Worth the hype? Yes. It’s too easy! Best part, my eyebrows stayed intact all day.

7. MILK Makeup Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Hydrating Face Mask

This easy roll on mask is perfect for the days where a little extra hydration is needed. Even on days when my skin breaks out, the mixture of sativa seed oil and aloe helps calm my skin and leaves my skin feeling super soft. This clay mask changed up my skincare routine and after a few  weeks, I noticed my my look brighter and less dry.

Price: $26

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil
Aloe: Hydrates, calms, soothes, and provides antioxidant protection.
Kaolin Clay: Cleanses, exfoliates to help balance oil, and helps clean pores.

Worth the hype? I loved it. But nah, it’s cool. It hydrates, retains moisture, soothes and calms my skin, but I have other skin care products with the same results and I’m kinda, sorta married to those products. 

8. Briogeo B.Well

If I calculated the amount of money and time I spent on my hair … you know what? No. it doesn’t matter how much money I spend on my hair. My hair is everything to me. So when my scalp got dry and flakey, I freaked. Winter was coming. I think I had a melt down when I noticed the piles of snow on the shoulders of my black cashmere sweater. 


Dandruff shampoo just didn’t seem to be a good option as it left my hair brittle and drier after every wash. So I tried tea tree oils and a plethora of concoctions, but nothing worked. 


Scrolling through “holistic” remedies, I found Briogeo B. Well. I parted my hair into sections, as the instructions advise, and applied one to two drops of oil to each section. I massaged the oil onto my scalp. An hour later, my head wasn’t so “randomly” itching and I wasn’t digging my fingernails into my scalp. 


 The next morning, I washed my hair. There wasn’t an instant “Wow! This is a miracle oil, but within two weeks, I noticed I wasn’t scratching my head and the flakes were significantly reduced by 95 percent. 


The best part? I started mixing Briogeo B.Well with my moisturizer to help with dry spots on my face too. 

Briogeo B. Well
Price: $48

Hair Type: Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily
Hair Texture: Fine, Medium, and Thick

Contains: Custom-blended 100 mg CBD oil enriched with  arnica flower, hemp, and tamanu seed oils

Worth the hype? Yes. It was the one thing that helped my dry scalp. Bonus — you can use this same oil on your skin and face.

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