10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cannabis

By Cailin Brashear

Everyone knows the smartest person in the room is the one who knows the most random trivia. Next time you’re smoking in your circle — bust out these ten fun facts that no one knows about cannabis and finally be the smartest stoner in your friend group.
The cannabis industry is growing more and more each yeah and, with it, a greater knowledge of what marijuana is and does. The common person is growing increasingly familiarized with the plant, but there is still so much to learn! Here are 10 topics that are commonly forgotten when one thinks about cannabis.

10. Women Build a Tolerance to Cannabis Faster than Men

Tolerance to cannabis increases quickly for all, but a Washington State University study suggests women may develop this THC tolerance much quicker when compared to their male counterparts. No need to take a T-break just yet. The same study also found increased levels of estrogen, usually during ovulation, can cause greater sensitivity to THC.

9. Research has Found Antibiotic Potential in Cannabis Molecules

CBD, the cannabis molecule that sparks many differing opinions, has recently been shown to kill bacteria — specifically the bacteria that causes meningitis, gonorrhea and legionnaire disease. This substantial research between the University of Queensland and Botanix Pharmaceuticals could revolutionize modern medicine and save countless lives — furthering the need and will to continue medical research on the miracle medicine known as marijuana. 


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8. George Washington grew Hemp

Yes, even during the era of George Washington, hemp was a crop used for multiple purposes by different people from all over the world. Washington, as an experimenter with all types of agricultural techniques, decided to add on to his initial cash-crop, tobacco, by growing hemp. It is claimed that, from 1765 to his death, the first president grew this crop as a business strategy, but no one knows if he was actually using it for alternative purposes. He did seem to know that the male and female plants had to be separated before it was too late though.



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7. Teens Smoke Less in States where Cannabis is Legal Compared to Where it’s Illegal

People often hold the common misconception that legalizing marijuana would cause more underage individuals to partake in usage, but there is no evidence showing that this is the case. A study done on adolescent use of marijuana shows that the passage of laws associated with legalizing marijuana recreationally or medically does not increase using cannabis for teens. 

In fact, when taking Canada’s legalization process into consideration, the United Nations World Drug Report shows that since 2013, use of cannabis among those 19 and younger has even declined. 

6. Levels of THC in Cannabis have Skyrocketed in Recent Decades

The older generations love to talk about how “weed is so much stronger now than back in the day”. Turns out, they’re right! Solely in the mid-1990s, the average amount of THC in weed was around 4 percent. Now, the average amount has tripled to 12 percent, with several strains available topping out in the high 30s. 

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5. More than 188 Million People Smoke Weed Worldwide

Though cannabis is only legalized for recreational use in a handful of countries, states and territories, the 2017 World Drug Report from the United Nation estimated that over 188 million people consumed some form of cannabis that year alone — making marijuana the most widely used drug in practically all corners of the world. In fact, California is marijuna central with some of the dankest weed, newest celebrity brands and products with delivery and technology platforms like CampNova

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4. A Zoo in Poland Uses CBD to Calm their Elephants

CBD is often an alternative when it comes to soothing pets, but who knew effects could show on something the size of an elephant! Warsaw Zoo was deeply saddened by the death of their eldest elephant, Erna, the other elephants in the herd took the brunt of it. As stress and discomfort laid on the shoulders of the three youngest elephants, the zoo found that the CBD did wonders to calm them down and relieve symptoms of stress and grief. 

3. The Word “Canvas” is Taken From Cannabis

“Canvas” has its roots in the Anglo-French language in the mid-14 century from the word, “canevaz,” meaning, “sturdy cloth made from hemp or flax.” This meaning is also derived straight from the Latin adjective, cannabis, meaning “made of hemp” and the Greek noun, kannabis, simply meaning “hemp.” 


2. Cannabis can be Linked to Weight Loss

Everyone is well aware of the munchies that smoking can cause, but no one seems to talk about the tremendous benefits weed can have on one’s weight. Researchers at the University of Calgary, as well as replication studies, have all found a direct correlation between THC and a lowered BMI in overweight individuals. The metabolism boost may not be foolproof, and the increased appetite definitely doesn’t help either, but smoking could be used as a positive alternative to high-caloric and sugary alcoholic beverages. So go ahead — give into those munchies a bit!

1. Beer And Weed Are In The Same Family

That hoppy, double IPA started to taste a lot like a weed? Well, there’s a reason for that. Hops is one of the main ingredients in many beers, and the hops plant lies in the same family as cannabis. Furthermore, beer contains myrcene — a chemical found in cannabinoids that gives them a specific, earthy smell. No wonder they go so well together!



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